Best Cities to Visit in Africa – Confirmed!

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Cities that Prove the Beauty of Africa

If nobody informs you, you will never know a thing about Africa. The thought has always been on traveling abroad, and leaving the boarders of the African continent entirely. Truly, you are not aware of the best cities to visit in Africa. If only you know the beauty Africa beholds, you would never want think of applying for European visas.

The here-say is that Africa is completely below par compared to other developed countries of Europe. But, this is not so true in the sense that Africa houses cities that even the Europeans thirst to tour if not to permanently live in.

Naturally, Africa is like an adorned queen. But with so much quietness. If only Africa could tell you what it owns, if only Africa could message you its greatness, then you will agree at all time that nothing, I mean no continent naturally beats Africa’s dazzling beauty under the sun.

Seeing the number of Nigerians, and Africans as a whole that batch out of Africa frequently, we have concerted to bring to you the best 6 cities to visit in Africa anytime it pleases. Your visit to these cities will make you feel the same way you’d feel while in Europe or Asia. And also, you will feel a great sense of African touch that goes missing during your visits to other continents.


  1. Windhoek – Namibia

Best Cities to Visit in Africa

So small a city and yet so beautiful its glimpses. Visiting Windhoek will mean that you are in the capital city of yet another small, beautiful and yet a great and capable African country. I could tell you even more about Windhoek because my ardent lover dwells there. I do not want to blow your head because you might cancel your planned travel to that European country. By the way, Windhoek was founded in October 1890, during Von Francois’ led Foundation Stone of the Fort. It went on to grow into the little beautiful African Ville we have today. Certain African cities may be presently faced with constant attacks but trust me, this is only a tale in Windhoek, Namibia. If you have fears of insecurity or fear that any place you visit may be prone to terrorist attacks or the likes, then make Windhoek your choice. The safeness of Namibia, Windhoek precisely sometimes feels like a blessing every other African country misses out on. Windhoek is definitely safe and a city you would want to visit in Africa. Despite my report on the safety of Windhoek, my team still gathered tourists report and it still stands that this African city is safe if not the safest of cities in Africa. Truly, Windhoek is one of the best cities to visit in Africa.


  1. Cape Town – South Africa

Best Cities to Visit in Africa

A port city, a luxury-filled urban centre harnessed with unfathomable beauty. Cape Town is the African city to be in. Truth be told, nothing entirely differs Cape town from any of the beautiful cities of Europe and Asia. This city is more like the future of Mother Africa. In fact, it is a revelation of the near beauty of the African Continent. Tell me that which you can find in Europe and I will point to the direction where you can find it in Cape Town, South Africa. I bet you, once you tour Cape Town, you will not want a return home, why because it is the Europe of Africa. Most non-Africans visiting Africa even prefer to set into South Africa due to it presumed embodiment of beauty. Cape Town is also called the Mother City. This is the deserving name given to this city by the locals. Even the visitors interestingly acknowledge the nickname to be a good fit. For Cape Town to make this list as one of the best cities to visit in Africa means that it is a beauty to behold. This is a city for Africans to be proud of any time any day. The city is famous for its natural dressing in the floristic region. The Table Mountain and Cape Point is another thing to watch out for. Cape town is not overly safe neither is it a danger ground. Cape Town records a high crime rate but for tourists, it is safe and of course, not all areas in Cape Town is dangerous.


  1. Agadir – Morocco

Best Cities to Visit in Africa

Do you think you can surf? Or do you need someplace to surf? Agadir owns such a place for you. It is a city along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast. This city is definitely an African city that is worth visiting due to it friendly environment. Apart from the statements above, Agadir is famous for its beach of about 10 Km stretch studded with the finest seafront promenades and ambles. It is definitely the finest in the world. I will advise that you shutdown that plan of visiting Europe for a surf. Your visit to Agadir will give you a touch of luxury. Since the rebuilding of this city after the earthquake that ravaged it, the present design has been contagious in that even the Western world seek to structure their cities same. What is it that Agadir will not provide for you? And of course, Agadir makes a sensational place for tourists. Since you are touring, you are definitely a tourist and it means same sensational experience for you. In essence, the city is a safe African city to visit. It has a low crime record but does not mean optimum peace. You would have to be vigilant to avoid losing your items to petty beach thieves.


  1. Port Louis – Mauritius

Best Cities to Visit in Africa

Well, as a capital city, what would you expect? Definitely a beauty. Another African city at the verge of escaping the African continent. Port Louis is towards the inside of the Indian Ocean. Not only does this city let you access the waterlogged beauty, you could find various historical museums in Port Louis. For instance, the Blue Penny Museum envelopes the beautiful art and culture of not only Port Louis but entire Mauritius. Might be your present location lacks mountain, but you could still find this in the same Port Louis, Pieter Both Mountains. I mean you need not fly or drive out of this city to have this seasonable view from mountains. The Le Pouce Mountain, unlike Pieter Both has a thumb-like peak. You might want to try out both sceneries yourself.


  1. Algiers – Algeria

Best Cities to Visit in Africa

If other cities in Africa should not mean ‘a beautiful home’ to you then Algiers would. Staying in Sub-Saharan countries such as Nigeria and its neighbors really deprive one of the greatness that Africa beholds. Yet another capital city. The capital city of Algeria and on its Mediterranean coast. Algiers stands on the slopes, precisely slopes of the Sahel Hills which parallel the Mediterranean Sea coast of Algeria. Several monumental and prestigious historical artifacts and buildings decorate this city. One of these is the presence of the 17th century Ketchaoua Mosque, having two large Minarets located by the side. Algiers has a little problem with safety. There have been cases of kidnappings. This has made it a little difficult for tourists to feel too safe. Moreover, not all part of the city is dangerous. One must be vigilant all the time.


  1. Luanda – Angola

Best Cities to Visit in Africa

Luanda is a port city and the Capital of Angola. A sweet view of sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo. This is a favored city benefiting from the goodies of investments flooding into Angola. Luanda was before now, not too popular but owing to its thriving standard of production and distribution, and the efficient use of its resources, Luanda, Angola has paced up and gained more grounds. Luanda boast of a luxurious standard of living accompanied with enchanting beaches with beautiful waters. French and English may appear to be the only spoken non-African languages. Well, while you are in Luanda, you are in the world’s most populous Portuguese-speaking capital. Despite the sumptuous outlook of Luanda, the poverty rate is a bit below decent. You should be careful while sauntering the city to avoid being a robbery victim. These are what others won’t tell you but here, we do just that. Happy tour!

Traveling could be more than just learning and as a student, you should try to tour places especially in Africa, your fatherland. Traveling will really benefit you as a student.

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