Best Places in Namibia – 2019

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The Top 7 Places to Tour in Namibia in 2019

Africa houses a lot of great countries and in these countries are beautiful places. These places often differ. Sometimes, In terms of culture, richness, vastness, beauty and all that. We even determine how good a location in Africa is by assessing its security standard. Today, the focus is on a beautiful and peaceful African country called Namibia. There are lots of places in Namibia but we will share only the best places in Namibia presently.

Namibia is a southwest country of Africa. The country is most known for its populous cheetah wildlife and various other distinctly dissimilar wildlife. In fact, Namibia contains wildlife which serve as a tourist attraction for Africans and non-Africans. It will be just right to say that Namibia is a tourist on its own. This is so because, the country is highly favored with the sprouting and dazzling beauty of nature. Think of this, if an African country such as Namibia could be profiting from tourism, then what differs this African country from the countries of Europe? Namibia, in one word is a ‘beautiful’ place and you should make it part of your plans for the next trip.

Pertaining to your upcoming trip, you might want, just for the purpose of choice, to know the best places in Namibia. Various determinants decide the paths we follow but ‘Hakuna matata’, no worries, we got a sleek collection of the best places in Namibia for you. Use this list to determine what arena or environment your body seeks.


  1. Swakopmund

Best Places in NamibiaA city as beautiful as Africa

A beautiful coastal city in Namibia, innocently lying on the Atlantic Coast with the Namib desert complementing its outlook. Colonialism receives praises and often times receives backlashes. This might not entirely be the case of the beautiful city of Namibia, Swakopmund. The city embodies that colonial feeling you, as an African may have been longing to have. A city with an absolute architectural product of colonialism. Inarguably, Swakopmund gives the scent that even certain best South African cities can’t afford. The buildup design of the entire city appears always like that of foreign places but the differentiation comes in as a result of nature having it say in the city. In no time, Swakopmund will be competing to prove itself as the near future geography of the African continent.


  1. Skeleton Coast

Best Places in NamibiaThe Historical Coast

Swakopmund, as on this list, houses the Skeleton Coast. The skeleton coast harbors a very brilliant scenery. The Skeleton coast is so well treasured that is it sometimes used to refer to the whole of the Namib Desert Coast. It is basically the northern part of Namibia’s Atlantic coast. Here, there is a kind of ‘bromance’ between the dunes and the sea. The sight of this delightful natural encompassment bears such, which is surely going to inflate your goosebumps. It is a pure natural scenery with its beaches disorderly accumulated by whale skeletons. It also littered with the skeletons of other creatures, mostly from the sea and decorated by shipwrecks as of old used as a remembrance for Namibia’s past experiences. In essence, the Skeleton coast envelopes a part of history and not just of Namibia but of Africa as a whole.


  1. Quiver Tree Forest

Best Places in NamibiaSimply awesome in Africa

Forget that this place is called a forest. This is where you experience a full-blown nature, the beauty of Africa, a contagious beauty. The Quiver Tree Forest is one of Namibia’s tourist attractions in the south side. The farm Gariganus is the position where the Quiver Tree Forest is located and with about 13 km northeast of Keetmanshoop. You do not want to miss out an experience of this national monument. The quiver trees give a premium view of the tabular-oblong and they are usually yellow in colour.


  1. Etosha National Park

Best Places in NamibiaOne of Namibia’s Safari Location

The national park situates on the north of Namibia. It feels like a consecrated place for wildlife in Africa. Name an animal you’ve burnt eyes on screen admiring, just name it and the Etosha National Park will reveal just that to you. What takes most tourists far and wide is the sights of nature, and wildlife specifically. Call the Etosha park a true wildlife park and you will be right. You may liken this to the Jurassic Park movies you see on screen but, as on the movie, you would want to respect the animals to avoid the end-story of the Jurassic Park movie from repeating with you as the tragic protagonist.


  1. Spitzkoppe Rocks

Best Places in NamibiaCheck out this glamour

This place defines an ideal landscape. Our mobile phones, computers and other gadgets now come with a pre-installation of certain wallpapers. Sometimes, you’d wonder whether such images are designed by graphics designers or whether there actually is a place of such beauty. Finally, something to dismiss your pondering. These photos are photos of places, and places in Africa. Photos taken from scenes or places like Splitzkoppe. This scenery encompasses one of Namibia’s most treasured landmarks. It is definitely one of the sought-for places that any core Namibian will advise you to experience. This location, to a high extent is not too safe for tourists due to how deserted it appears.


  1. Sossusvlei

Best Places in NamibiaIsn’t this beautiful enough?

If Sossusvlei got missing on this list, it will mean that this list is inconclusive. You may not know much about sand dunes because of how far away you live from what Mother Africa possesses. Sand dunes are ridges created by the wind and near the lakes or oceans and other water bodies. Mostly, sand dunes are found in deserts where sand has owned up the place. To blow your mind about this place, Sossusvlei, it houses the largest sand dunes in the world. How about a night camp to experience the nightly beauty of the sand dunes of Sossusvlei? Camping will definitely do, right? Well, I am not suggesting but proposing. I had this experience once and I can tell that it is worth it for you to have same experience.


  1. Fish River Canyon

Best Places in NamibiaNamibia is so treasured!

I will advise no African and even non-Africans to miss this canyon. Fish River Canyon is the second most visited tourist attraction in the country. An unbelievably big canyon and the largest in Africa. It is located in the south of Namibia. The presence of the Fish River Canyon is an evident that Africa is truly a home of natural wonders.

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