Best Countries to Apply for Job in Europe if You Speak English

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Best Places to Work in Europe for English Speakers

My lingua franca is English, but it could be that you learned the language, ‘English,’ unlike myself. As an English speaker, some environments don’t offer you that swift job impression. For this reason, every English speaker would seek the best places to work in Europe for English speakers. In short, the preference of English speakers is often to work in major areas, if not primarily English speaking.

For a while now, I’ve relished in the pleasure of being an expatriate in Europe. But before departure, I made findings on the best places to work in Europe for English speakers. Being that English is my first language, my wishes were to evade language difficulties while at work.

Most ambitious English speaking individuals would often attempt changes, especially environmental changes, for a greater good. And the first smart attempt would always be to make findings of the preferred country or continent. I’m resolving this that your interest is to know the best places to work in Europe for English speakers swiftly.

In this article, only the best places to work in Europe for English speakers are stated and with reasons. Be ready to learn even extra about the place you’d prefer to work in Europe as an English speaker.


7 Best Places to work in Europe For English Speakers

The best countries in Europe to work as an English speaker is arranged in no specific other. You should also consider the living expenses before you decide to make a move or migrate.

London, United Kingdom


best places to work in Europe for English speakers

The UK

Before discussing on London, the UK is every expat’s choicest destination. With several top companies situating in the UK, the labor force would always be longed for. Created by the Romans, it is the capital and largest city of England and the UK. It is the center of affection in the United Kingdom and knows no bound in job creation even for expats.

As one of the best places to work in Europe for English speakers, it boasts of sustainability. Several expatriates vote it as the city with most investment friendliness and job opportunities. You should stand a high chance of becoming an employed individual within a short period.

Of several works available in London, there are some top companies to look out for. Most high tech companies situate in London to craft their machines. There are equally works that you can freelance at a convenient time to keep life going. Two such places are The Ace Hotel and Egg Break.

You do, however, have to be good at whatever job you sign up for. This is partly due to the high competition recorded in recent times at places in London

Despite anything to the contrary, London is expensive, and you might want to reconsider your presence there.

Some Popular Job Sites in the UK;


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the most populous city in the Netherlands and one of the best places to work in Europe for English speakers. It is a province of North Holland and a leading finance and trade center in the world. Aside from just being an incredible business center, the sceneries are out of this world.

Might be the Netherlands could boast of cities with jobs for an English speaker. But in truth, Amsterdam remains undoubtedly the most functional commercial center of the Netherlands. On this note, being in Europe, Netherlands precisely, shouldn’t leave you meandering of where to work as an English speaker.

What would most favor your stay in Amsterdam is how tech-inclined you are. Lots of biological tech companies like Philips run their business in Amsterdam. Moreover, the likes of non-biological Netherlands companies like Uber, Tesla, etc. have their central offices in the city. These companies can reach and conquer the European business world and the world at large. This, of course, is possible as a result of the economic intelligence of the city.


Limerick, Ireland

Another of the best places to work in Europe for English speakers is Limerick, a city with high job vacancies. This city is quite a populous city in Ireland and a province of Munster. Expatriates have reportedly commented on Limerick as an excellent place for jobs suitable to English speakers. Once you exit the plane in Limerick, you’re entering a city with a job vacancy rate that nearly matches that of entire Ireland. Some time ago, Limerick was hit by the recession in Ireland, thus leading to limited job availability. But now, the city stands strong after escaping the recession and boasts of a job vacancy that can accommodate your presence.

Moreover, you won’t have to ponder over the sort of jobs or offers available in Limerick. If you tend to have some geographical problems with the area to reside, you might take a break. For the moment, you can take on freelance jobs until you’re fully established to apply for better jobs and even professional jobs.


Berlin, Germany

Traditionally, Germany is filled with the speakers of the German language. But then, some places somehow abscond from this conception. One of such is Berlin, a city where the English language usage is high. This suggests that working in Berlin would not pose much language barrier threat.

I would further deemphasize the rumors that finding work in Berlin is easy. The truth is that it’s easier to find jobs in cities like Frankfurt and Stuttgart but with problems of language. What qualifies Berlin as one of the few best places to work in Europe for English speakers is just language. Apart from that, the rate of unemployment is slightly high. The level of English speakers is high, and thus, it makes a suitable place for you as an English speaker.

On a daily and sometimes hourly basis, several English jobs become available in Berlin, Germany. For instance, websites like Glassdoor feature top profile jobs almost as frequent as hourly for people who speak English. Some of the posts provided by high establishments in Berlin range from programming and even on to regional management. For programming like Java scripting, an English speaker is open to becoming a senior engineer overseeing the development process. Even recruitment jobs are very much available for English speakers who mostly work as Recruiting Managers in firms sitting in Berlin.

If you are a Nigerian, Germany is one of the cheapest destinations to migrate to on a budget. So you can easily migrate and look for a job on a low budget.


Lisbon, Portugal


lisbon portugal is one of the best places to work in Europe for English speakers

Libson, Portugal Drone View


Some places get alpha-level recognition as the best places to work in Europe for English speakers. One of such global sites is Lisbon, a country exceptionally relevant in the growing commerce of the world. Lisbon is a global city with a significant role in trading. To further identify its state of importance in the world, it occupies the largest container ports on Europe’s Atlantic coast, dating back to various significant events.

With the right qualification, it should cost you not much time to secure a job in Lisbon. Some of the always hiring jobs in Lisbon include site management jobs and even customer communication jobs. As a tourist home, Lisbon welcomes a high number of visitors yearly. This is a contributive factor to its rapid job creation, especially in the tourist areas. In essence, the chances of working in Lisbon even as a professional is high. On professional grounds, as long as possessing the required skill level, a job is up for grabs.


Dublin, Ireland

Dublin comes in as one of the world’s top thirty cities. It is a highly ranked alpha level city with lots of job opportunities for expats speaking English. The official language of this city is English, but Gaelic, an original Irish accent, is also used in the town. You can always find time to learn the Gaelic language of Ireland.

Finding a job as an English expatriate in Dublin comes with minor hassles. This is major because English is the officially recognized language in the city and Ireland as a whole. As it stands, you need not have fears of whether or not there is a space for you.

Even without professing in any field, you can always be sure to make earns meet. You may settle for lower jobs like working in hotels and as smaller staff for big establishments. Moreover, there are English language teaching jobs still in Dublin, and you can apply as one. In all, the sort of works that high-rise Dublin are mostly industrial, technology, utilities, and consumer services firms. All of these sorts of companies exist in high numbers and offer lots of opportunities that evenly extend to expatriates.



Estonia is being considered one of the best places to work in Europe for English speakers. The Baltic country, according to observers, has English as a second language. According to a study, about 90% of people between 18 – 35 years speak English in Estonia.

Estonia is considered as one of the developed countries in Europe with a good IT infrastructure. Blending into the country as an English speaking expat shouldn’t come with so many hassles.

The popular job sites to get Estonian jobs are,, and http://töö, and several others.


In The End

You’ve been provided with nothing but the best of the best places to work in Europe for English speakers. Some of the listed countries have few residents, with up to 10% English speakers. In Germany, for instance, apart from Berlin, most other places speak German. Advancing in such places will require to understand the language most used there.

It’s good that you first inquired about these sort of places because most English speakers get stuck with language barriers. This is not as cool as it exposes one to certain distressing situations. Know where you wish to be and, if possible, take a week to learn as far as the culture of such location. Europe is good if it’s your choice, but it can be a bit expensive, mostly due to the sort of places you find yourself.


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