Cheapest Countries to Tour in Africa – 2019

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Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Tour in Africa from Anywhere in the World

Africa, unlike other continents provides affordable, yet elegant tourism experiences. The African continent is filled with natural and priceless beauty. If Africa had a price, it’d not be affordable but then, it is naturally low-cost. On a break from work or any other reason? For any case, spending too much money just to experience beauty is not worth it. There are cheap countries to tour in Africa. Here, we bring out 5 cheapest countries to tour in Africa and still deduce the same oversea experiences.

Journeying from one place to another maybe one of the best experiences humans normally have but touring places with high cost makes it a rather defective experience than perfect. So, to make traveling easier, perfect and cheaper this 2019, there are certain African countries that come into acknowledgment.

1. Nairobi – Kenya


Kenya has its coastline on the Indian ocean. The Indian ocean coastal beaches provide a humid open-air beach experiences. Here, you would behold a greater experience of water rafting. This African country is an East African country encompassing highlands, lake-lands, savannas and so on. When it comes to safari experiences, Kenya leads. Wildlife highly consider Kenya as home and yes, Kenya is filled with several powerful animals like lions, and even rhinos. For a country like Kenya and a place like Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, pondering over that bank account this 2019 is unnecessary.

Cheapest countries to tour in Africa

Kenya equally houses national parks that boost the country’s economy. The national parks are very well treasured and as such, well cared for. This insinuates that Kenyans really adorn their national parks for visitors to have the best possible experiences. As a visitor, the warm welcome and the pleasant view obtainable in Nairobi could call for a longer stay in Kenya.

On the ground of security, Kenya is not overly safe. There are travel routes that should be avoided for safety reasons. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have their say on the safety of Kenya for tourists and other necessary information about certain places in Kenya. For affordability, Kenya qualifies as one of the 5 cheapest countries to tour in Africa.

2. Zanzibar – Tanzania

Cheapest countries to tour in Africa

Zanzibar is just the African Island that might trigger interests to visit. The uniqueness of Zanzibar lies with its mixture of striking beaches which is often not a feature of an island. Zanzibar lies, not too far from coast of Tanzania.

So, arriving Tanzania occurs as a surprise even to an extent that believing your presence there is still difficult. Well, Tanzania is always a good choice, any time, any day. Departing for Zanzibar might be causing hastiness but then, checking out other monumental figures and centurial buildings and structures will be best to ignite interest and better understand how beautiful Africa is as a continent. Sitting out during the tour would be many more fun. Lots of dishes are available there, and the most persistently available food is seafood. It is obvious why it has to be seafood. I prefer crab claws and shrimp. You might want to give these a try. And believe me, the taste is yummy.

Cheapest countries to tour in Africa

Touring Zanzibar is best with dala-dala that operate more like taxis. This is undoubtedly the best way to circle Zanzibar, Tanzania, one of the 5 cheapest countries to tour in Africa.

As an alcoholic, it is best to remain discreet since Tanzania is largely Islam. As an open-air island, it is advisable for men not to go shirtless. Women should also not put on revealing wears like shorts. Although shorts can be worn, they must not be too short.

As tourists, be watchful and avoid areas with scanty number of persons. Stay in crowded areas to avoid being dispossessed at gunpoint.

3. Kigali – Rwanda

Cheapest countries to tour in Africa

The culture of Rwanda defines Rwanda. Rwanda is a beautiful and green African country and is definitely worth visiting from Nigeria. Despite being part of the 5 cheapest countries to tour in Africa this 2019, Rwanda strongly accommodates very admirable cultural attractions.

Kigali - Rwanda

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda with vigorous and animated nightlife scenes.

Some of the top attractions in Kigali include;

  •           Kigali Genocide Memorial which commemorates the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in the year, 1994. This memorial opened in 2004 and it is majorly to describe events that led to the detrimental event of genocide in Rwanda.
  •           Lake Kivu Karongi Safaris
  •           Nyungwe Canopy
  •           Karisimbi Hike
  •           Akagera National Park

These and many more would explicitly help to uncover and explore the beautiful culture of Rwanda as well as some aspects of the colonial experiences suffered by the African continent.

4. Accra – Ghana

Cheapest countries to tour in Africa

A country where liberals like Kwame Nkrumah emerged. Ghana, situated in the west of Africa is the best shot when it comes to budget-friendly travel and tours. Nigerians do more than just touring Ghana and Accra to be specific. Most Nigerians visit Accra, Ghana for their studies and some others for businesses which often turn out fine if properly planned and strategized. Ghana in this 2019 without doubts matches the top 5 cheapest countries to tour in Africa.

Accra Ghana

One of the things that define Ghana is it ecofriendly and colourful culture. This aside, tourists might want to attain the purpose of their visits which of course is to plentifully and satisfactorily tour Accra, the beating heart of Ghana. Accra has a lot to offer as well. Is it beaches that hungers your mind? Why not try Bojo each and experience a waterside banked with white sand. The water is crystal clear and you could spice up the scenario with a canoe ride around. How about Kokrobite Beach and the Labadi beach? Not to make this case solitary, these beaches offer luxurious view experiences. It is more like being off the African continent. One more thing, Accra is topnotch in nightlife. Visiting beaches as a tourist, you might want to be careful with your belongings despite the fact that Accra is such a safe location with low crime rates.

5. Livingstone – Zambia


Livingston, Zambia is an exceptional location for tourists, African and non-African. It is a town southwest of Zambia bordering with Zimbabwe. And also the former capital of Zambia during the colonial period. At the mention of ‘Livingstone’, one thing always come to my mind, and that is the natural earthly decoration of the town. Livingstone, Zambia houses Museums and Art Galleries and the Livingstone Museum is the oldest in Zambia. Accessing a museum such as this is enough for learning about Zambia and even some aspects of Africa. In the museum are classy and priceless historical monuments that anyone should not miss out on.

Apart from touring museums and galleries in Livingstone, touring natural waterfalls would not be a bad idea. How about it? Getting to the Victoria Falls will pose no difficulty because Livingstone is centre of this waterfall.

The cheapest countries to tour in Africa for 2019 as stated above is the only list you need to make your tour decision. Remember that Africa equally embodies what other continents have and as such, do well to make Africa great by admiring her.


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