Dubai Work Visa from Nigeria – Guide

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Get Your Dubai Work Visa from Nigeria


Planning to work in a country with ultramodern architecture? Then you made the right decision going for Dubai. What you now need is a visa to gain entry into Dubai for the work. What visa does Dubai require from visitors? The Dubai immigration authority requires that you get a work visa or work permit for this occasion. Now, what you need on your own side is a guide on how to apply for Dubai work visa from Nigeria.

I will assume that your determination to work in Dubai can’t be influenced. I am equally encouraging your determined self on this path.

Trust me, Dubai is just more than what you see in movies and read on books. It is an emirate in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) and also one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a complete luxurious outlook.


Taking the Visa Guide Wheel from You!

May I now take the wheel from you? Good that you have accepted and I know it. Taking the wheel from you, I will be guiding you from the A to Z of applying for a Dubai work visa from Nigeria.


Dubai Work Visa Application – An Intensive Guide

This guide will contain all that there is in applying and obtaining your Dubai work visa or work permit. The advantage of this guide is that it does not only show you the way but guarantees your visa. What magic has this guide to guarantee your visa? Are you sure you want to know why? Hmmm!! Okay, I will tell you. The answer is that this guide is put in place by someone who tours Dubai regularly. I know you are now smiling. It is rather easy than how difficult other people make it look. All you require is sincerity as well as avoiding unnecessary errors while making the application.

In every visa arrangement that you make, it is necessary to know your visa type. Is it a short term or a long term visa? How long do you project to dwell outside of Nigeria?

In case you find it difficult to ascertain the type of work visa you require, consider the following;

  • The duration of the work
  • Let your financial capacity play in to deciding how long you will stay
  • What objective is the work presenting for you in Dubai


Dubai work visa could be valid for as short as 48 hours and as long as 90 days. All visa types expire at the moment it reaches its duration and you are expected to honour it.


Cost of Dubai Work Visa

The prices vary depending on the duration. Also note that the prices are dynamic because of the exchange rates.

Visa for 30 days go for about ₦30,000

Multi Entry goes for ₦60,000


Visa for 90 days go for ₦63,000

Multi Entry goes for ₦155,000



96-hour visa goes for ₦24,000

14-day visa goes for ₦30,000


Furthermore, to be qualified for the application for the UAE work permit, you will need;

  • Your original passport with validity of not less than six months
  • The coloured copies of your passport
  • A coloured passport photograph (Note that your clothing colour must not be the same with the background)
  • A ticket confirming the airline you have booked for the Emirates

Note that there are cases where you would be required to submit more documents than these. Wondering if it will be specified? Of course, the required documents will be specified for you.


Applying for Dubai Work Permit or Visa

At this stage, we will be focusing on how you would start your visa application proper. First thing being first, you have to download the UAE Visa Application Form. Once the download is done, proceed to saving it in a preferable folder on your computer. Be sure to fill the form accurately to avoid complicating things for yourself at the submission centre or submission portal.

Since we are using VFS Global for the application, you can then proceed to any of the visa application centre for your applications.

Below is the centre for the submission of your Dubai work visa application documents;


Manor House, Plot 110, Admiral

Ayinia Way,

Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, 3rd Roundabout,

Lekki-Ekpe Expressway, Lekki Phase I

Lagos, Nigeria

For Lagos, the visa application time takes place on Mondays to Fridays. Time is 8pm to 3pm respectively.

If for any reason, you are unable to visit the Visa application centre, there is hope.  How? Easy! You can make your application online! How? In case you are doubting, just follow this link. After uploading your documents here, all that is left is for you to make the payments at any visa application centre close to you.

Also note that the online mode of application only conforms when you have a confirmed Airline ticket for Emirates.

Again, you at your free time need to take your original documents with you to the visa centre. This is so because your original documents have to be assessed and approved for you.

The mistake most persons make is submitting and incomplete application form. The visa application centre will not accept this. Always be sure that your documents and details are fully and properly entered.


Dubai Work Visa or Work Permit Requirements

  • Nigerian Passport
  • Photocopies of your identity card and passport
  • Your Dubai visa application form
  • Proof of your trip ticket
  • Proof of financial status
  • Hotel reservation proof
  • Valid health Certificate
  • Three copies of employment contract
  • Education certificates and other evidence of professional qualifications
  • Sponsoring company’s valid trade license


Following Up Your Application

After the whole while, this is the last phase for you. You can now have a chill juice or beer if you love one. Every man returning from a long journey needs rest coupled with pleasure.

So, what do you do at this point?

Nothing much. Just keep following up your application status. It is now all you need to be in Dubai! On the receipt issued to you at the visa centre, there is a number on it. A reference number. It is what you would require alongside your passport expiry date to complete the status check. Follow this link to track your application status.

Knowing all these, you should at this point be the happiest man because only few will come across this page. Have a swift and safe travel my good friend.

Don't read for just yourself, share with your friends - because you love them. Please!!!

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