Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in Europe

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9 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in Europe


From any part of the world, it might appear as though Europe is the toughest continent where you could find countries to easily get citizenship. This speculation unlike in nature is quite different as there are easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe.

Various reasons could trigger your desperation for citizenship in countries abroad. It could be on business grounds, to secure dual citizenship with another country and various other related reasons. No to be left out, it could also be on the basis of security. Security in the sense that emergency situations that require your departure of presence may arise at any unsuspecting time.

Recently, studies have uncovered that the most predominant reason for seeking citizenship with other countries is for effectivity in recognition and for establishing a very strong and secure field for investments.

Our organization, on finding out the dominant reasons why people seek for better countries to get citizenship recognition agree to release a research database containing a list of easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe.

Before procession, you must understand that you need to have around, a decent measure of cash which of course the below list of countries will require from you before granting your request.


1) Belgium

It may come as a surprise that Belgium is number one on our collection but you definitely can’t dispute this. Belgium, according to our research team seats as the seventh European country on the list of research European countries. As it now stands, after weeks of compiling the data, Belgium now tops.

You do not require too much to be granted a citizenship card in Belgium. This is a surprise even to the team as just a job can qualify your dream to reality. If you can build a good repute of yourself, align Belgium businesses with your name, you could qualify as a citizenship very easily. How about applying for a job? Getting a business visa for any business appointment in Belgium? Partnering with any Belgium firm can as well play the role you require in this expedition. Not to dissipate your time, ensuring that there is firm work or trade on ground suffices as a qualification for permanent residency in Belgium.


2) Malta

Another easiest of the countries to acquire citizenship in Europe is Malta. A beautiful sunny location. A confecting country that you would surely love to be in. Will definitely serve as a good business ground for any business

Before unveiling the one way of obtaining citizenship there in Malta, it will be best to plan for a landed property or a housed property or anything. In fact, anything tangible that you could think of acquiring that consumes quite a decent space. The reason for the preceding statement behind is because of the fact that owning a tangible property in Malta can attract the much needed citizenship.


3) Austria

Austria comes third on the list. It is one of the European Schengen countries in Europe. For Austria to be a Schengen country member means that a citizen from any of the EU countries that is part of the Schengen automatically qualifies for a visa-free travel to the country which makes a lot easier in terms of the cut in travel expenditure. They offer various different visas that can permit residency in Europe. On the other hand, Austria does not permit dual citizenship, but allows a person who is born to an Austrian to obtain automatic citizenship. This is the case of jus sanguinis as in a European country like Ireland.

This research data maintains that there are majorly two ways by which one can become a recognized citizen on Austria and this is either by blood or through legit investments in the country. Even frequent donations to Austria can accompany your dream of becoming a citizen there.


4) Cyprus

Known for its warm weather and sandy shores, you would love every moment as a citizen of Cyprus. In terms of naturalization, the Cyprus immigrant authority holds that one must be at least 21 years of age and a residence of not less than 7 years to qualify. In case you have a Cypriot child, the year becomes about 4 – 5 years which makes lot of sense. The downside for this method of acquiring citizenship is the number of years.

For the cases of a dual citizenship, this is a faster and easier mean to qualify as a Cyprian. And yes, Cyprus permits dual citizenship. As a citizen of another country, the citizenship law of Cyprus permits that the citizen of another country qualifies to be the citizen of Cyprus if he/she possess the needed qualities. The research data enounces that if you apply for Cyprus citizenship, it would take within 4 months to 7 months for it to become successful.

On the grounds of investments, it is very easy to obtain the citizenship because your disbursement helps the country to improve on daily basis. This present you as a fruitful visitor as long as it is legit and plausible.


5) Greece

The land of the Greeks, a country in southeastern Europe, surrounded by thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. There are so many ways by which citizenship recognition come to reality.

Through marriage, the citizenship authority of Greece allows anyone married to its citizen with at least a child and that has been in Greece for 3 years to apply for naturalization.

Another very quick way to gain recognition as a citizen is through investments. Simply owning a property qualifies you as a citizen of Greece. Why? Because Greece is a country that requires lots of investments at the moment. The property might cost a bunch but the guarantee is there.


6) Spain

Spain might cost some bucks but it is worth it. Imagine becoming a citizen in a country as big and as influential as Spain. You might even want to be wearing clothes with “I am a Spaniard” boldly written on it. No one would speak ill of you rather, they will strongly wish to be you.

Another mean in essence, that you can gain recognition as a Spanish citizen is by owning property or properties if possible. Even investments can get you the much needed recognition as a citizen of Spain.

Another mean of acquiring this citizenship takes time. The positive side is that you do not get to own any property as in the first option. The downside on the other hand requires residing for a number of years before naturalizing. It can be as long as 10 years.


7) Portugal

Not so easy to become a citizen but pretty fast if you are a rich boss. Not only being a rich boss but if you can own something tangible that can easily create jobs for at least 10 Portugal descents.

Is all about the money, right? But it is worth it. If it is there, I mean the money, then go ahead and invest with it in Portugal! Would you opt for cheaper means? Well, Portugal nationality law permits dual citizenship and as you already know, it is gon’ take some years off you. These years would of course not just come and go because the Portugal nationality law only allows those who hold the temporary residency for at least years.


8) Bulgaria

Becoming a Bulgarian citizen is quite easy as well. Our research hold that it requires wards of cash on stock if one should require it even as fast as whatever. Just an investment is enough for this. It will require quite an amount to scale through and it is obviously not for everyone. In Nigerian naira, as much as a hundred million worth of investment usually left in the Bulgarian governments bond portfolio will do.

Not willing to lease out cash? Okay, that is obvious but this other method will take time!

Bulgarian citizenship is equally based on jus sanguinis which is citizenship right by blood. In case you are qualified for this, you do not require naturalizing in Bulgaria. Naturalization is allowed in Bulgaria and will of course require that some years of residency be met.


9) Ireland

This country, Ireland comes as the last because, the research team maintains that it citizenship obtainment ground blends down to ancestry. Ireland offers a form of bloodline citizenship. The jus sanguinis citizenship is what you can easily obtain from Ireland. This could be a tough one in the sense that obtaining a citizenship through the ancestral descent may not be quite easy as it will require blood linkage. This notwithstanding, there are still means through which you could become a recognized citizen of Ireland. On like in Belgium, Ireland could still permit your citizenship grant as a worker in the country or through naturalization.

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