5 Simple and Easiest Visas of Top Countries to Get in Nigeria

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To get top countries visa from Nigeria is quite a very hard hassle – and that is our focus. When we consider the easiest visas to get in Nigeria, we aren’t referring to the small African countries around us. Most Nigerians are looking for top countries that they can easily migrate to and live the life of their dreams.

easiest visa to get in Nigeria

If your aim is to migrate to countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, then this post isn’t for you. I am about telling you about Top-tier countries that would end up becoming one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria. These countries I am about listing are countries that most Nigerians have no idea about. They are among the easiest visas to get in Nigeria.

A lot of factors were considered before this post was written. The aim of your visa application was also considered. Most people would either want to travel to study, while others are looking for easy countries to migrate from Nigeria. Therefore, I would categorize them according to the type of visa that would be easy to get.

5 Easiest Visas to get in Nigeria without much stress


5: South Korea

one of the easiest visas to get in NIgeria

Only a few Nigerians know how simple it is to get a South Korean visa. In fact, it is simpler than going to order a pizza from Dominos. It boils down to the fact that most Nigerians also have little or no idea about South-Korea as a country – aside from watching their Telemundo. South Korea’s visa is one of the easiest visas to get in Nigeria for those interested in Education and relocation.

This country is short-staff when it comes to workforce and population. They are the 3rd powerhouse of the Asian continent, falling just a little behind China and Japan. South Korea is the manufacturers of high technology brands like Samsung and Kia motors. There are other several popular brands that are of South-Korean origin.

When it comes to one of the easiest countries to migrate from Nigeria, South Korea takes my number 5 spot. If you have ever fancied the thought of visiting Asia or even migrating to Asia, this country should probably top your list. Forget the hypes about China and Japan, South-Korea is the real deal when it comes to the easiest visa to get in Nigeria.

Two types of Visa easily gotten in South-Korea => Education and Work Visa.


Have you ever heard that it is easier to enter Germany than to eat breakfast? That statement is relatively true if you know the rules for entering Germany. Germany is one of the countries that accept immigrants and fuse them into their society without hassles.

easiest visa to get in Nigeria

They are called the powerhouse of Europe because of their strong industrialization and companies located in the country. It might be relatively difficult to get a German working visa from Nigeria, which is why the best and preferred route is the study abroad student visa. The German study abroad student visa is, in fact, one of the easiest visas to get in Nigeria.

All you need to do is;

Submit your application to a school

Get your admission letter

Book an appointment at the German embassy in Nigeria

Deposit the sum of 8,000 Euros to a blocked account in German

Answer your interview questions confidently

Then you move over to Germany.

The secret behind the easy migration to Germany from Nigeria via the educational channel is because of the fact that Germany grants their international students an additional 18 months to search for a job. Once you get a job, you are granted a work permit. After working for a long period of time, you are now given your Permanent Residency. It is so easy like that.

South Africa

south Africa images landscape


All it takes to get a Permanent resident visa is 5000 Rands and a policeman to help you facilitate the process. When it comes to getting a PR, South African visa is the easiest to get in Nigeria. Reports say that the officials in the country are so corrupt that you can bribe your way into having a PR even without doing much.

The key thing is to enter the country first of all, and we usually do that with the help of a tourist visa. The South African Tourist visa is the secret deal to gaining entrance into South Africa from Nigeria. All you need to do to convince the Consular is to present a request from your workplace, giving you permission to go spend your vacation in South Africa. I would say that South Africa remains one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria if you play by the rules. Just get a tourist visa, enter the country, and find someone to help you buy you Permanent Residency.


This is the second and one of the easiest visas to get in Nigeria once you have the cash to facilitate the process. Australia generally accepts skilled workers from all over the world and Nigeria is no exception. All you need is just a rich CV filled with great skill sets and a portal to make your application.

Australia country image

There is a portal opened for skilled workers from all over the world, which allows Nigerians to upload their application and pursue their dreams of migrating to Australia. This website is one of the job portals that can help you land a job and likely a visa from Australia.

Should in case you would want to take the educational route, the Australia educational visa is also among the easiest visas to get in Nigeria – but you should pass through an accredited agent. Most of their institutions have agents in Nigeria, so they will help you facilitate the process. When it comes to moving down to Australia, it should be well noted that you MUST be financially endowed. The opportunities in Australia is worth it, maybe you should give it a try with all you have.


Like we always say; “Very soon, Canada would become a second home to Nigerians.” The population of Nigerians migrating to Canada has started reaching an all-time high. Nigerians are migrating to Canada on daily basis now on school, family, and tourist visas.

Canadian image

The Canadian migration system has made it easy for Nigerians to migrate to Canada without hassles. There are several channels to migrate to Canada, and it includes;

  • The Skill shortage portal
  • Canadian Lottery
  • Express Visa
  • Canadian study Abroad program
  • Canada Family Visa

Anyone of these methods is surely a sincere and genuine route to move to Canada. It is up to you to determine which method would suit your present condition.

No other information on the internet contains the information I have listed on this page. Now you have seen the easiest visa to get in Nigeria, which is the Canadian visa, you can either pursue it till you achieve it or you consider the other options I have listed out.

Nigeria has sunk to an all-time low, and maybe it is time to consider migrating to another country.

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