France Tourist Visa in Nigeria – Very Fast

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Easily Applying for France Tourist Visa in Nigeria


Going places would not just happen without following the rightful procedure. Planning to visit France from Nigeria for a tour? Then you are on the right page for all you need on how to apply for France tourist visa in Nigeria.

To obtain any visa from France, you would first have to understand what you require one for. Each of the visas come with its own features and limitations. In the case of touring, you will need a tourist visa from France.

To apply for a new France Visa might not come in handy as in the time for the processing. The insinuation here is that the process is not some minutes or an hour process. This notwithstanding, this page aims at making the process look quite easy for you. We are bent on making things come quite easy to you. How to apply for a France tourist visa from Nigeria is what we will be making easy for you today.


Why France is the Best Country for You

It will be amazing for you to get yourself a tourist visa. But will be incomplete if it is not a France tourist visa. France is someplace you would not want to erase from your travel map. If by chance you are to be freely sponsored on a travel tour or self-sponsored, you will be cheating your own happiness to leave Nigeria for anywhere less than France. It is tourist you wish for right? Cool, the country is France.

I have not enough strenghts to be listing the fun about France but I will press you to travel out. My friend, just travel out. You need it, you need to see and feel snow and not only the annoying rain here in Nigeria


Applying for France Tourist Visa

Your nationality and your duration in France determines the type of visa that you need.

Furthermore, there are countries that do not require the France tourist visa to access France. It is quite unfortunate that Nigeria is not part of the countries with this benefit. This is why you should have this guide as a partner as it will see you through.

First, I would have advised you to check France country eligibility list for Nigeria but that is already done to safe your time. There isn’t Nigeria on the list and as such, you will have to apply for the tourist visa.


Cost and the Processing Time for France Tourist Visa in Nigeria

To get any visa in Nigeria, you must note that all visas each have their prices. Our focus right from the start is on France Tourist Visa. So, what is the cost like?

  • For children going on a short term tour (0-6 years of age);

The visa charge is free

  • For children between 6 to 12 years of age;

The visa charge is ₦12,800

  • For adults;

It could rise to ₦25,500

The above prices for a France tourism visa is likely to change as it fluctuates frequently. The visa processing charges also add to the cost. Usually the processing or services charges hovers around ₦5,700.

Things to note about the France tourist visa are that;

  • The France Tourist visa processing time could take up to 15 days which is about two weeks plus.
  • You must also note that France tourist visa has it validity period. It could be valid for as long as 180 days and it also supports multiple entry into France.


France Tourist Visa Price

You must be wondering whether France visa price is cool at the price. Yes, it is. For such a fee to take you off your fatherland to beauty of a country, it is perfect. France visa is super cool for it fee and also, France is an European country with a very low  case of racism. By this, no one would bully you for being  who you are and for who are not. The feeling of equality is what should be filling your heart at this moment. Whatever the cost is not enough to level up with the experiences you will have travelling abroad to France.


France Tourist Visa Requirement in Nigeria

  • A valid Nigerian Passport
  • Proof of applicant address
  • A properly entered France Tourist visa application form
  • A letter of invitation from sponsor (If any)
  • A confirmation of your hotel reservation
  • Copies of bank statement
  • Visa application fee
  • Travel visa insurance
  • Proof of a booked accommodation
  • Proof of civil status (Marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate, ration card if possible)
  • Finance sufficiency: This is a kind of monetary check imposed on you by the France migration authority to prevent you from facing a difficult life on your arrival in France

Below the age of 18, you are expected to present;

  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A consent letter
  • Passport copy


France visa Application Centers in Nigeria

France embassy in Abuja;

Address: No. 37 Udi Hills Street, Off Aso Drive (Three Arms Zone), Maitama, Abuja

Email Address:


In Lagos; (Address of VFS Visa Application Center)

Address: Block 94, Plot 23, Providence Street, Lekki Expressway


Visa collection time after submission at any of the above listed centers happen between the hours of 08:00 am to 14:00 pm every Mondays to Fridays. (Any work day affected by holidays equally applies to visa application days)

On your application at any of the visa centers, do well to get a pin that you will be using to track the readiness of your visa. Equally note that the time for passport collection is from 14:00 pm to 16:00 pm every Monday to Friday except on days declared public holidays.

On a very good note, I will love to give you visa cheats. Cheats? Yes! cheat ways of getting your own visa approved very fast. The cheats are this;

  1. Be sincere when providing your details
  2. Crosscheck your forms thoroughly before submission
  3. Look decent on your interview day. This attributes to the fact that you are addressed the way you dress; your appearance
  4. Be brief and reasonable when providing answers to the interviewer


After knowing these, here is a list of places you could tour on your planned visit to France.

Remember to always travel safe and make proper use of your tour time after getting a France Tourist visa in Nigeria.Get Your South Korean Visa

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