Florence Museums Ticket – What to Know

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About Florence Museums Ticket


Florence is considered one of the top notch places in the world for its unique all time beauty in Italy. It is the cradle of the renaissance filled with the churches as of old. The museums there as well is what defines the beauty of its location. You would not want to miss out on a place such as Florence. If you want to leave Nigeria for abroad, it should be to Florence where classical museums define the location. This blog is what you need as a guide on how to get Florence Museums ticket. Not only that, so many other ‘must-know’ things will be revealed to you here.

Although Florence is filled with stratifying museums, the most visited of them all are the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery.

I think I should at least reveal something to you. You know David right? Now, I am referring to the David we all know that defeated David as recorded in the bible. There is a unique statue of David that you’d love to have a clearer view of. The sculpture is a symbol of strength and also of youthful beauty. The design credit is to Michelangelo David, and his design of David’s sculpture is what made a name for him to this day although this took place in the renaissance.


Galleries and Museums in Florence

There are number of galleries and museums and even villas in Florence, some of which will be listed below. But, also note that the Uffizi, presently is called the Uffizi Galleries.

Florence at all-time has been known as one of the most visited places in Rome, Italy. It boasts of millions of visitors which is a yearly record.

For Museums in Florence, we have;

  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Accademia Gallery
  • Bargello National Museum
  • The Medici Chapels
  • The Pitti Palace
  • Museum of Palazzo Davanzati
  • Church and Museum of Orsanmichele


The Villas include;

  • Garden of Medici
  • Corsini Villa of Castello
  • Medidci Villa etc.


Booking the Florence Museum Ticket

There are, the Florence State Museums and City Museums. Both have a slightly varying way of applying for the tour tickets.

This post will consider both ticketing modes and the State Museums will come first.

There are various ways by which one could apply for the tickets to Florence state museums. They include:


  1. Visiting the Website

The link is embedded on the list above and this is the best way you could sign-up for a ticket to a museum in Florence, especially from Nigeria.

You must note that there are no refunds made after every ticket purchase of any kind.


  1. The Phone-lines

The downside of this is that you can apply for state museums which of course are the museums I recommend for you. You can linkup with the call center using the number +39-055-294-883. The call center only opens between the hours of 08:30 to 06:30 on Mondays to Fridays. Then from 08:30 to 12:30 on Saturdays.


  1. At the Museum Site

Simply, get your tickets at the location of the Museum you want to tour. Although it is cool to get your ticket at the museum center, it might cost your time due to the long queues of persons also interested in the tickets. It is therefore advisable to go there early enough or apply and obtain your ticket a day or more to the day you want to tour.


The above are the application methods you require if you want to tour Florence State Museums. Now look below for that of City Museums.

Before then, you should know that City Museums welcome fewer visitors than the state museums. The reason is quite obvious because state museums contain more artistic and aesthetic historicalness.

On like in a state museum, you can get the tickets at the museums and this will not take longer time because these museums the queue is usually not as long as that of those parking up and awaiting their turn to purchase a state museum.

In case you do not want to wait at the museum at all, there is still a chance. You can still apply for it from the comfort of your home by applying online for your City Museum Tickets.

Some Florence City Museums include:

  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Santa Maria Novella
  • The Brancacci chapel


Museums and Galleries in Florence

There are several galleries in Florence as in the list above. But this article will emphasize on just two, the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery. This is because these two galleries are the most widely visited of all galleries in Florence.

They are undoubtedly one of the few best or top notch places in the world which you should try not to miss out on.


The Uffizi

The Uffizi is a gallery of its class. By this, the insinuation is that it is such a location that a one-time tour from you will hunger your soul for more.

This gallery has several thousands of art work which could number up to about two thousand. In fact, without exaggeration, the artworks extend beyond this number.

The difficulty of getting the ticket for this beauty is taken wholly down. This is so, due to the phone-lines support that is available for booking the tickets.

While this could be Uffizi’s positive note to take home, it also houses a downside as it does not operate on Mondays. Uffizi gallery also allows a certain number of persons in as it is a limited States Gallery. This is to help establish a non-risky and trusted security check on the establishment.

The Building of Uffizi

The Uffizi is the number one of most of the museums in Florence. This is why the emphasis is on it.

The housing was initially made to contain the administrative offices as well as the legal offices on Florence in Italy.

This is how things turn out to be the best in places. The Uffizi was never built with any intention of making it any form of artistic housing. The structure was built by Giorgio Vasari for Cosimo I de’ Medici in the 15th century.


Cost of Uffizi Tickets

So unlike the Uffizi outlook, the ticket price is really affordable. Almost anybody can afford it for even more persons.

You may be thinking that the beauty of Uffizi or Accademia will cost a fortune but ‘No’, they cost almost as cheap as what most Nigerians wil spend in minutes.

The Uffizi ticket cost as low as ₦6,000. Understand that this price might be altered due to how dynamic the exchange rate worldwide is.


The Accademia Gallery

I will also advise anyone and everyone to opt for the tickets that read this name on them. The academia, as the name implies will be just what intellects require. This gallery teaches far beyond just artistic representation and it houses didactic arts.

The David Michelangelo is surprising available in this location too. The Accademia also astonishingly records over a million visitors each year from all over the world.

On like the ticket cost of the Uffizi gallery, the Accademia is not too costly. ₦6,000 could equally afford you the ticket to tour Accademia Gallery.


Why You Should Get the Florence Museums Ticket

There are various reasons why the ticket to any Florence museum is worthy. The reason why

Below are some of the plausible or rational motifs behind why you should get Florence Museums ticket.

  • The glimmering beauty of the museums
  • The history behind these museums, especially the Uffizi Museum
  • The ticket pricing
  • The promiscuity of the museums
  • The security level at the museums’ location (Majorly, Italy is very safe)

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