How to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria in Simple Steps

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Being the 6th largest country in the world with over a total land area of 7,692,023 Km/sq, a continent comprising of Tasmania Island and other smaller Island, over 260 indigenous languages, multi-cultural citizens, Australia is the best place to migrate to now on earth. This post will basically show you how to migrate to Australia from Nigeria without stress. You would also see the several visas that are available for your migration and how you can utilize them, how to live and work in Australia.

According to many research made, Australia is one of the best countries to live on earth. It is the 12th largest economy in the world, making it one of the wealthiest countries with a GDP of about $1.333 trillion by 2019 estimated. The country uses the Australian Dollar (AUD) as its official currency. In recent years, there has been a huge demand for skilled labour from other countries in certain fields in Australia. This is largely due to the regional and technological changes in the country and sectors such as Agriculture, manufacturing, construction, services, and utilities. So when you want to travel abroad, then Australia should be considered as an option.

Steps to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria

migrate to Australia from Nigeria

There are simple means you can migrate to Australia from Nigeria, but it totally depends on your spending power. To be frank with you, I haven’t seen any cheap way of migrating to the Aussies that is quite cheap.

If we consider the skilled migration program; it might look quite cheap, but there are certain payments that you need to make along the line. For example, it costs about 16 Million Australia dollars (AUD) to process an Australian business visa. This is to show you that it isn’t quite cheap to just migrate to Australia without having the financial capabilities.

But since you are here, I will show you some other tricks Nigerians use to migrate to Australia.

Use the Study Abroad Route

This is your best option to migrate to Australia from Nigeria – the study in Australia route. Unless you have a family member residing in Australia – which I sincerely doubt, you can also explore this channel.

How can you utilize this study in Australia route?

First of all, you have to find a school in Australia with reasonable school fees that are also affordable.

You are required to apply here from Nigeria or maybe through an accredited school agent. Once you’ve applied, you start waiting for the confirmation of your applications. Most times you have to pay a certain amount for that (it depends on the school).

If your application is successful, you’d have to pay a small amount of money for acceptance before you start your visa processing.

Most Australian school visas are processed using a third party agency called VFS and they are located in South-Africa. You would need to send them your documents alongside the visa processing fee and everything required. You can see more information about how to apply for an Australian Student visa.

If you packaged your application well, you are given an automatic visa via the help of a visa travelling agent.

After which you start making plans for your travel down to the school.

The aim of this process is to enter the country and start working hard, paying for your tuition while working more than you study. The school result isn’t the issue; all you want is to make enough money to continue paying your school fees.

Australia offers a 2-years post study visa for students who graduated in Australia to stay back and look for jobs. Once you are able to get a job, you are given a WP (Work Permit) immediately to continue staying in the country. Isn’t this a good way to use a stone and kill two birds? That is why most people use this method to migrate to Australia from Nigeria.

The visa categories below require that you have a relevant skill to become eligible. Below are the 5 common working visas for permanent residency in Australia;

skilled visa to migrate to Australia from Nigeria

Skill Nominated Visa

The skill nominated visa is a type of working visa in Australia, where you possess a relevant skill, you apply on the skill shortage portal. If you pass the point grade, you are then invited by the Australian government to come and work in Australia. But before that, you must be nominated by a state or government agency that needs your expertise.

Requirements for the skill Nominated Visa

  • A relevant skill(s) must be possessed
  • You must pass the point test grade
  • To be nominated by a government or state agency who needs your skills
  • An invitation by the Australian Government
  • Not older than 50 years.

Skilled Independent Visa

The skilled independent visa is quite similar to the skilled nominated visa. The differences are just the age of the skilled worker and the fact that he doesn’t need to be nominated by a federal or state agency in Australia.

Requirements for the skilled independent visa

  • Possession of a relevant skill in demand in Australia
  • You must pass the point test grade when you apply on their portal
  • An invitation was given by the Australia government
  • Not older than 45 years of age.

Employer Nomination Scheme

The employer nominates you to come over to Australia and work for them. The nomination is sent to the government, who in turn hands you over an invitation.

Requirements for the Employer Nomination Scheme are;

  • To be nominated by an Australian Employer
  • Proof of English as a Language
  • Younger than 45 years

There are other visa categories that are also easily accessible and they are;

Distinguished Talent Visa

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa

Australian visa requirements for Nigerian Citizens

The visa requirements for Nigerian citizens are very simple regardless of the type of visa you are applying for. The following documents are required if you intend to apply for an Australian visa from Nigeria.

  • Passport photograph of yourself
  • A valid Nigerian Passport for the next 6 months
  • Proof of marital status
  • A Bank statement
  • Itinerary
  • An invitation letter from your host in Australia or a hotel reservation
  • A medical report from an accredited hospital
  • A letter from your employer (it signifies that you are employed with a good job.) The embassy would want to rest assured that you wouldn’t abscond when you get to Australia (who cares).
  • Every other necessary thing that is stated on their website.

Reasons to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria

If you are still considering whether migrating to Australia from Nigeria is a good idea, and then let’s consider the following reasons that might make you change your mind. I spent 4 years in Australia – Adelaide precisely, and I became so addicted to travelling back to Australia frequently. The healthcare system, wonderful government policies for middle-class people, cultural spark, and wonderful citizens are enough reasons to migrate already to Australia from Nigeria.

reasons to migrate to Australia from Nigeria

High Standard of Living

Australia is a country that is blessed with riches. This has made the environment very conducive for citizens and immigrants alike. Unlike the Americas and Europe, you would experience a very warm reception in the midst of Aussies. There has been a very low issue of racism when it comes to racial discrimination. So if you want to experience such a high standard of living, then you should be thinking of how to migrate to Australia from Nigeria.

High Salaried Jobs for Immigrants

A construction worker in Australia makes about 2000 Australian Dollars weekly. That is to show you how well the country respects skilled immigrants. The average salary of an Australian worker is far above what is gotten even in the UK, US, and Europe.

Rich Work Experience

Since the country is respected by other countries in the world, having work experience from an Australian company gives you the edge to work anywhere else in the world.

Low Tax

When it comes to payment of tax as an immigrant, it is favourable than what is obtainable in the US and UK. If you decide to migrate to Australia from Nigeria, be rest assured that you would have enough to save after every payday.

What to know before you Travel to Australia from Nigeria

The following should be considered before you decide on moving to Australia from Nigeria. Please read them in details;

Australia is an Expensive Country

Despite the salary being on the high side with a low paycheck, the influx of immigrants from around the world has raised the cost of living in Australia. Payments for costs like rents, foodstuffs, and other minor bills are very expensive in Australia. Australia as a country has one of the most expensive rents in the world. The farther you are away from the big cities, the more expensive life in Australia becomes.

Australia is SO SO SO HOT

I had to highlight it for you to see properly. There have been leaked videos of things melting under the Aussie’s sun. Despite the fact that Nigeria is quite hot, Australia is far hotter. What we consider summer in Nigeria is seen as winter in Australia. Their sun is known for causing cancer; so before you go, make sure you cover up properly.

Football and Soccer is worshipped in Australia

If you are a football lover or a good football player, you might find it so easy adapting in Australia and even making money. The Aussies are obsessed with soccer just like the Brits; they have about 5 other variations of football. So be prepared to see a lot of them.

Language Barrier

Despite the fact that they are English speakers, you might still find it very difficult to understand their English language. Australians are notorious for the use of their English slangs; don’t worry because as soon as you blend in, it becomes very easy for you to understand.

Despite all that I have written above, I would love to say that Australia is a wonderful country with lots of fun in it. There is never a dull moment in Australia as long as you have the money to enjoy life. I will assure those that still want to migrate to Australia from Nigeria, it is a good choice you would never regret.

Till I come your way next time, happy migration…

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