How To Be Safe in Lagos – Advice for Visitors in Lagos

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Lagos Nigeria Safety Hacks

Is this your first time of being in Lagos, Nigeria? And you want some insider information on how to stay safe in Lagos? I have some Lagos Nigeria safety tips that should keep you secured at all time if you follow the instructions.

I have lived in Lagos for over 15 years as a foreigner, so I know the ins and out of this populous city. For every foreigner who comes into Lagos – it is important to you that your safety isn’t guaranteed.

There are lots of insecurity threats in Nigeria – majorly in the northeastern part of Nigeria – of which Lagos doesn’t belong to. Nevertheless, the security condition in Nigeria is alarming, according to recent reports.

As earlier stated, this post is aimed at providing you with the necessary information that will guarantee your safety while in Lagos, Nigeria. But before we proceed, here are some facts you should know about the most populous city in Nigeria.

Shocking Facts about Lagos Nigeria

As regards to your safety in Lagos state, there are many facts associated with the country that you should be aware of. Knowing them would help you make


lagos nigeria map

Political Map of Lagos State


Highly Populated

Lagos state is the business and financial hub of Nigeria, so don’t expect a scarcely populated state. The current population of Lagos estimates about 17 million people camped inside of a country with one of the smallest landmasses in Nigeria.

It is estimated that over 10,000 people migrate to Lagos daily from other states in Nigeria. The population strength of Lagos grown geometrically.

Bad Roads

Lagos, Nigeria is notorious for its evil and potholes ridden roads. Although the state houses over 17 million Nigerians, the streets have been severely neglected.

Typically, a journey of 20 mins in Lagos would take up to 1 hour or even an hour and forty-five minutes (1hr: 45mins) because the roads are terrible.

High Level of Traffic


traffic situation in Lagos Nigeria

Regular Traffic Situation in Lagos


Due to the bad roads and senior population in a city with a small landmass, it is assumed that the city has become landlocked.

It is estimated that a family has about 4 cars in Lagos, which leads to a high number of vehicles on the highways.

Traffic starts as early as 6:00 am and stretches deep into the night like about 11 pm, noon or12 am in the morning.

Knowing alternative routes might be a time-saver for you – if only alternative ways don’t get jammed also.

A Lawless State

Don’t be surprised, Lagos state is one of the most lawless countries in Nigeria. With a high influx of Touts (popularly called Agberos), everything is possible.

Someone can park in the middle of the road to buy something from hawkers and cause a vast traffic lockdown as a result of that action.

Unfortunately, no road traffic official would be able to check those excesses. That is Lagos state for you.

These are the few significant shocking facts about Lagos that you need to know regarding your safety. In turn, let’s consider some Lagos Nigeria safety hacks and how to be safe when in Lagos.

Lagos Nigeria Safety Tips for First Time Visitors

If you don’t want to regret your stay in Lagos during your visit period or while you are still trying to adapt, then make sure you follow these tips.

Don’t Move out too early in the Morning as a First Timer


Lagos Nigeria safety tips

A woman being attacked


If you are in Lagos for the first time, you might want to wait a little bit before stepping out very early in the morning. The reason is that you don’t want to fall into the trap of the one-chance hoodlums.

One-chance hoodlums are notorious for posing as bus drivers and robbing people who mistakenly enter their buses. They connive with their gang members to pose as passengers inside a van. The moment you enter the bus, you are driven to a lonely place and robbed of all your valuables.

Know your Routes before Leaving the House

Some of the locals in Lagos are quite friendly to entertain questions from you. But in terms of directions at strategic bus stops, you would meet touts who will mislead you.

Misleading you means you’d lose valuable time and also spend extra on transportation. In some cases, you’d fall into the wrong hands and get robbed.

While Driving at Night, Windows Up

I assume all modern-day cars come with the A.C functionality. But perhaps your vehicle doesn’t come with an A.C feature, make sure your windows are up while driving at night.

One-chance robbers mostly rob unsuspecting victims of their belongings while in traffic. They approach you with a gun and point it right at you. Then you are forced to part with your valuables.

Avoid crowded areas

There is no crowded area in Lagos without the presence of touts and pickpockets. If you are visiting Lagos for the first time and moving around with public transport, one Lagos Nigeria safety tip is to make sure you avoid crowded bus-stops while trying to board a bus.

You might be robbed or have pickpockets steal your valuables without you having a single idea about their action.

Don’t park your car just anywhere


car thieves in Lagos Nigeria

Car Criminals in Lagos


Car theft is quite common in Lagos, so be quite careful about where you park your vehicle. In most cases, you should park in designated places – where you end up paying a little token than losing your car parts to theft.

In some cases, you might end up losing the whole car. When such happens, you might consider the vehicle goodbye because the local police won’t be of much help. These are some of the Lagos Nigeria safety tips you should be aware of – especially when it concerns your car and valuables.

Don’t Answer Random People’s Question

I am trying to bolster the point – but is it quite simple; don’t always respond to questions from random people. Many times, people get duped and hypnotized just by responding to people they don’t know. So if you are new in Lagos, it is advisable to keep your mouth shut while outside of your home.

Randomly, people might walk up to you with questions. It is advisable to wave them apart and continue on your journey back. This is one of the ways to be secured while living in Lagos.

When it comes to Lagos Nigeria safety tips you should know about; the general rules say that you should always be watchful. Just like New York in the U.S, everyone living in Lagos is on the fast lane.

Always learn to mind your business and be your keeper till you find your way home.

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