How to Easily Travel out of Nigeria even as a First-Timer

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So you’ve finally decided to travel out of Nigeria for the first time in your life and you have no idea how to start your wonderful journey. This post will make it very simple for you to start your travel abroad journey out of Nigeria very easy.

To travel out of Nigeria for the first time means getting to see new places, meeting new people, hearing new languages, and adapting to a totally new different culture. It is sincerely one of the best feelings anyone can possibly experience on earth. No matter your reason for leaving your comfort zone and travelling abroad, it is one special experience you shouldn’t throw right outside the door.

When it comes to travelling abroad for the first time, there are lots of factors to consider that wouldn’t hurt your experience. Any mistake made before the trip could make your anticipated journey hell. It is imperative you take your time and make concrete plans, before stepping out of your comfort zone.

If you are travelling in the company of more exposed people, then it would be easier for you… if not, make sure you read and digest this post – I mean every bit of it.

Is it fun to travel out of Nigeria?

travel abroad for the first time

On a travel abroad trip

This is a two-way question; because it totally depends on lots of factors – which you can control or you can’t control. Travelling abroad is fun when you have the right information, materials, and resources. The moment any of the above becomes scarce, the travel abroad story might not really end just well.

There are several reasons why many people even consider looking for how to travel out of Nigeria; you won’t get to really catch that feeling till you’ve boarded a flight and straight to another location on planet earth.

The reasons for wanting to travel out of Nigeria might include;

  • You build confidence
  • The adventures
  • You get to see life from another perspective
  • You gain new experiences
  • Meeting new people
  • Exploring places on earth

Nothing in the world is more fun than the above-mentioned reasons. Once you have a feel of it, it sticks on with you – till you probably become addicted.

Steps to Begin your Travel Abroad Journey – Pre Departure


Get your Passport

To travel out of Nigeria, your passport otherwise known as your travel document is the first material you should be in possession of once you’ve decided to travel out of your country to another country. It is an identity document issued by the government of your country to facilitate your movement across international boundaries, following an agreement between the two countries.

An international passport used for travelling abroad

An international passport

Your travel document (passport) is what shows the country you are coming from and it gives you the chance to be granted a visa – depending on the bilateral agreement between your county and your destination country. So, therefore, a passport can be said to serve as a proof of your nationality – without it, you wouldn’t be given a visa – except in rare conditions.

So once you’ve decided to travel abroad, the first step would be to get your passport. It should be issued by the immigration services in your country. Most times it requires you to pay a certain amount of money plus other documentation before you can be issued a passport.

Identify your Reason for Travelling Abroad

It should also be one of the things to consider before you depart your home country. You should remember that you would also be asked the same question when you get to the embassy. Failure to answer the questions properly might lead to Visa rejection

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Your reason for travelling should but not limited to the following;

  • Studies
  • Vacation
  • Tours
  • Business
  • Official and lot more.

Your reason for travelling would influence the type of visa you should apply for. No matter what you do, have a tangible reason when you decide to travel out of Nigeria. On a side note, the reason would also influence your preparation process – I mean financially.

Choose and Research your Preferred Country

As at writing down this post, we have about 195 countries in the world. And there is definitely no way you can visit all of those countries at once. This should be a critical decision process to avoid having a bad experience when you finally travel to your country of choice. There are some countries with easy visa processes for Nigerians. You can easily consider them and start the travel abroad process.

Due to the volatile nature of the world, care should be taken when you decide on the country you a willing to travel to. A lot of things should definitely influence your decision;

  • Nature of the country (Politics, wars, and violence)
  • Opportunities
  • Culture

Depending on what you intend travelling abroad for, it is necessary you choose a country that is generally conducive for foreigners. Their history, recent happenings, and attitude towards foreigners should influence your decision to travel to such a country.

Make your Research about their Visa Process for Citizens of your Country

This is very important because some countries might be visa-free for citizens of specific countries – to avoid wasting your resources.

I suggest that you find out the website of their embassy and direct your questions to them directly. This stage is quite a dicey one due to the rate of scam activities going on in several forms.

Get all the requirements you need and fill them up. Some countries might be visa on arrival, so there won’t be any need going through the long process of visa processing in the embassy in your home country.

Once you’ve done everything required by the embassy, you can then submit and wait for an appointment. The visa processes to travel abroad for most countries are quite straightforward, so there shouldn’t be any need for employing a 3rd party.

Go for your Visa Interview

This is where the game gets dicey. Your failure to convince the consular would result in getting your visa application rejected. Rejection also means a waste of time, money, and energy invested in getting to that point.

You have to liken this visa interview to a Job interview especially for competitive countries like the USA. There are some tips that would help you ace your visa interview questions;

Visa interview to travel abroad

  • Dress properly
  • Don’t be too nervous
  • Always smiles (but don’t make it look fake)
  • Be confident in your answers)
  • Don’t be afraid to say “I beg your pardon” should in case you don’t understand any question due to the interviewer’s accent. It would show that you are in control of the situation and you are not intimidated one bit.

I would also suggest you take a look at the popular questions Consular asks during Visa interview to people who want to travel abroad.

You must boldly state the reason why you have decided to travel out of Nigeria to their country. If you aren’t going on a work visa, always remind the Consular that you are going to come back to your country no matter what. It would send a positive signal that you aren’t going to abscond when you get to your destination.

“Positive or Negative Visa Interview Outcome, Accept your fate and move on”


Book your Flight and Accommodation from your Home Country

Unless you have someone in your target country, you should make preparations for your accommodation form your home country. This would help save you stress and embarrassments should anything go wrong when you arrive in the country.

Most Visas consular would ask you to book a hotel from your home country to show that you are capable of sustaining yourself when you finally get to their country.

Arrive the Airport on Time with all required documents

You know when your flight departs, so you should be there on time to check in and undertake all the necessary checks before taking off. Coming on time would give you the ample opportunity to get settled and avoid any form of duress.

If there are things you need to do that you probably forgot, you would still have the chance to get it right.

Avoid Extremely Close Relationship with Strangers

Due to criminal cases surrounding drugs and other related vices, it is advisable not to trust strangers at the airport to the extent of helping them with their luggage. You might become a victim of drug trafficking if you trust strangers to the extent of carrying their luggage.

I suggest you politely turn down requests from strangers who would request you to help them with anything they might turn over to you.

Travel abroad with friends

With friends abroad

Arrive at your destination and abide by the country laws

When you get to your destination, just remember to abide by the laws governing the new country you’ve travelled to. You can make friends, visit fun places, and just do anything that would that would make your stay in that country a memorable one.

Remember to take pictures, it is one of the memories you wouldn’t want to miss when you are back to your home country.

Lastly, I would say; when you finally travel out of Nigeria, remember to scout for opportunities should in case you would want to come back on a work visa someday – who knows?

Your turn

Have you ever been out of your country? If yes, what country was that? If No, which country would be your ideal destination? Drop your answers in the comment section.

Don't read for just yourself, share with your friends - because you love them. Please!!!


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