Travel as a Student – Benefits and Advice

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Travel as a Student


As a learner, enrolling yourself in just any educational institution is not all you need in life. Most persons believe in just reading, writing and all that but there is simply more to these things which you as a Nigerian should know to help you develop. One of these things is to travel as a student and it is unarguably one of the depths Nigerian students lack in.

To become a master of something, one must know about that thing quite a variety of angles.

To travel as a student will help one improve in various fields depending on that which is preferable. Sometimes theory is not all one requires to exist. And the sad thing is that Nigerian institutions dwell in theories upon theories. These theories are set in by foreigners who run the practical aspects of whatsoever it is that we theorize back here.


Why You Must Travel as a Student

You might find no reason as to why you should travel as a student but the reasons are there. Good things come in an enclosure and are often hidden from sight.

Learning does not just end in the classroom but spans to what is around the world and not necessarily around you or your environment.


Better Understanding

By this, the insinuation rallies round the theoretical nature of Nigerian institutions. A Third Class Chinese Graduate is considered better than a First Class Nigerian graduate in the labour market. Do you doubt this? If you, let me know by dropping your comment in disagreement. Most countries no longer rely on theory but practice. In Nigeria for instance, you are taught how a mobile phone is made but a Chinese boy is trained to design his own smart phone brand. You got the drill huh. It is as easy and as obvious as this.

If you travel westwards for your education, trust me, nobody will compare you to the best dude in your hometown here in Nigeria. You are seen as better and you of course could be better if you take a good advantage of your studies outside of Nigeria.


To Become Smarter

Yes! and Yes! You become smarter as a student when you travel. Even as a parent, do you know that sending out your young one abroad can make him 50x smarter? Of course it can. The is a very vast difference between being smart and being intelligent, did you know? You may not have known and I am glad that you are now aware! A child or as a student, you could be very intelligent but there are fields that a non-intelligent colleague would boss in simply because he left his fatherland.


Learning Better Skills Away from Home

Nigerians are fun of starting and ending where it all began. Although some hope to change locations, it is mostly not always for good reasons.

The idea here is that the better class of travelers should be the students. Why? Because as students, you are supposed to be innovative with fresher and newer ideas. How do you think you can go about this? Is it not be traveling out of fatherland? Trust me, there are more beyond what you find in your father’s house. More beyond what you see around you. To find out, you travel! Yes! Yes! Travel!

We may have millions of barbers in Nigeria but a mere traveling that you undertake would see you return with cleaner haircuts which would most likely attract more clients to you.


Finding out what it is that Helps Other Countries to Develop

The trend today is development. Can you call yourself a German? An Italian? Arabian? American? Can you just wake up and claim that you are from any of these few great countries? It is obvious that you can’t. Even the natives will jail you for making false claims that you belong there.

Do you know that decorative ventures like ‘tourism’ add up massively to the year income of certain countries? Take a look at France, their Eiffel Tower attracts millions of visitors worldwide. Now, think of the money made from just a structure that was to be demolished at the start. You know, Nigerians just like you and I visit these places just for fun but you could visit it with an absolutely differing aspect. You could be like, while others are busy taking photos and admiring, you are asking questions and learning. Now this is what I mean by development as an importance of traveling as a student.


Finding Solutions

If Africans remained in Africa, my brother, I would never have had an internet connection as this to deliver these live hacks to you. Do not you see it so? I longed to travel not because I wanted to but because I had an issue I needed a solution for. It was clear that I may never find it solution in my fatherland so I deserted. Not only do I now know how to solve this problem but also how to create this problem and get paid to fix it. I am no genius all the same but I can be proud of myself and I want you to be someday proud of your beautiful self.


Visa You can Use to Travel as a Student

As a willing student who would love to travel, what visa is best.  Is a study visa, tour or business visa what you require? To be frank, either of these will still get you where you want but the study visa will make demands that you might not be able to meet up with. The study visa would demand that you become a student there or will expect to see you as an already certified student in whichever country you deem best to build yourself with. A business class visa will as well be demanding which you might not meet up with.

Long notes aside, go for a tourist visa, it will grant you unlimited access around any country of your choice.

We have some posts on the business visa application, you could do well to check them out or to make it easier for you, use the comment section to let us know the kind of visa you would love to get. Not only will you get the visa description but the guides to the application processes as well.


Ways You Could Travel out as a Student

The above being stated, consider the following ways to make it easier for you to travel out and learn


Planned Excursion

Usually, group travels are the best. Once the term excursion follows, it becomes a spiced up idea. Excursions? Yes, why not. You may even choose to organize this with your own colleagues. Trust me, it is for your good and not for that of anyone. Be it your state governor or village chairman.


Signing up to Travel Deals Online

A lot of reputable sites out there offer free travel services. The fun in these are that these travel opportunities are not for fun. You are to learn and become a better innovative mind before returning homewards.


Being Part of a Research Team

This can always guarantee you free travel opportunities if your team is lucky enough to get a sponsor. And of course, sponsors would only come if the theme of your search is something tangible. Something that can add to the betterment of the society.

Traveling is good. Traveling as a student is better. Think of traveling, think of learning new things and becoming more innovative than your colleagues.


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