Unique Places to Visit in Italy

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4 Unique Places to Visit in Italy


There are so many unique places to visit in Italy, but this post will unveil the best 3 places in Italy for you.

Visiting is one thing but the places you visit is another. By this I mean that you need places that will appease your mind is what matters.

In case you were not aware, your mind is like what a traditional minded fellow will call chi. An Igbo precisely. Your mind is like a god that needs to be appeased at all time. The good news is that the human mind can easily be appeased. How? Just give it what you would love to have.

Italy situates in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. As beautiful as it is, Italy further borders with decent countries like France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia as well as the locked in San Marino and Vatican City. When population comes to mind, many think of Nigeria and few think of China, India and the rest but Italy too is populous. Yes, Italy is the most populous country in Southern Europe and it claims the fourth spot in the European Union member states. So you see, Italy is also a populous but sweet place to be.


Why You Should Touch Down in Italy

If you have the financial to touch places, Man! I will advise you not to miss Italy. Italy has a lot to offer in terms of business, education, work etc. There are so many thousands of reasons why you should be there even if it is just for touring sake.



Unique places to visit in Italy

As someone with a decent sense of history, you may be aware of the renaissance age. In case you have not, then you need a little knowledge of history to live with. Florence is the birthplace of the renaissance age and is also noted as “the Athens of the Middle Ages.” The historians will really love a place like this to learn. A lot of study and even very famous philosophers of course are rooted to Italy. Florence is also known as the ‘Cradle of Renaissance’.

In Italy, Florence is Firenze. Note this so as not to conflict yourself. There are so many museums in Florence that you would want to visit. Exceptionally beautiful places that require no one to explain it beauty. We have:

Do you want a sweet view of the famous cathedral dome that dominates the skyline of Florence?

  • The Duomo, Florence’s Cathedral
  • The Bell Tower of Giotto


Do you mind the Museums in Florence?

  • The Magnificient Uffizi Gallery
  • The Academia Gallery
  • The Network City Museums
  • The Bargello Museum


How about an all in and out tour and experience of the beautiful Florence Art and Culture?

  • The Last Supper of San Salvi
  • Last Supper at Convinto della Calza
  • Last Supper in Ognissanti
  • Last Supper in Santa Apollonia
  • Last Supper in Santo Spirito
  • Last Supper in Santa Croce
  • Santa Maria Novella Church
  • Last Suppers in Florence


Florence Attractions?

  • The Magical Bardini Gardens
  • The Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge


Florence Villa Beauty!

  • The Medici Villa della Petraia: A Jewel Waiting to be Discovered
  • The Medici Villa at Castello and its Beautiful Italian Garden


Is it family-friendly crystal beautiful environment or the exhibits in Florence that cost a fortune that you would love to see? Do you just want to tour? The itineraries, Pizzas? What is it that you would want to see that Florence hasn’t? She has even more than you would expect!

You can read more here on how to book tickets for Florence Museums before arrival.




Unique places to visit in Italy

If you are cool with games, racing games specifically, like Asphalts and the likes, Venice is some place you will always race in.

Game aside, Venice is so beautiful such that the name alone is enough to describe the whole scenery there. Check this ‘Ve-nice’. It appears like a blended word of two independent morphemes. Very + Nice = Very Nice shortened to ‘Venice!’

Lest I forget, do you think Nigeria has an excessive water area? If you do, I will advise you to stop basking in such and stop dementing your sweet self. In fact, Venice is water. Boats are like private cars here. Owning one could mean that you have hit your target achievement in life.

As a Nigerian, you might want to sail or be sailed through a very beautiful city. An adorned city where your dreams could be half fulfilled by just stepping into the land.

It is also noted that the best months to travel to Venice are April, May, June, September and October.



Unique places to visit in Italy

At the mention of Milan, two things come to the minds of football lovers. That is A.C. Milan Football Club and Inter Milan Football Club. But Milan spans beyond this. To further back this up, you can put on your Google Search Engine and key in the ‘Milan’ as the search keyword. The first link will be that of a football club, A.C. Milan precisely. (This is so only with Desktop)

Whenever you arrive at Milan, look out for these food first!

  • Risotto alla Milanese at Ratanà
  • Trattoria Madonnina
  • Risotto alla Milanese with Ossobuco



Unique places to visit in Italy

Noted for its housing of great empires. Such that any place in the whole wide world feared greatly. Rome is the capital city of Italy and also a commune in Italy, a special commune. Every born Roman is a proud Roman and every visitor is a proud visitor. Ever heard of Aqueducts? if ‘No’, find out for it and if ‘Yes’, then understand that this is what Rome, the capital of Italy is famous for.


How Safe is Rome?

Rome is quite a save place but there is no perfect place in the world. There are often issues of mild theft and dispossession. This mostly occur in the tourist areas where a world number of persons go to have their own view of the capital of Italy. But is an analytical sense, Rome is a safe place to visit. On like most other places, no issues of daily bombings and all that. They have a well instated police patrol to look out for the safety of not just the Italian citizens but also that of the visitors. You know you would be regarded as a visitor in the capital city of Rome and guess what? Your safety is what they will value most for you to return with a good tale and not a bad one.


The Bad Repute!

In news daily, it is always all about the cops and prostitutes. The ordinary Italian citizens and prostitute, the influential Italians and prostitutes and so on. The problem is that, whenever these news hits the media, it is always Nigerians. Most cases are cases of deceit where the victim, mostly the female Nigerians are lured with the fake promises of better lives plus education.

These are all you need on the unique places to visit in Italy.

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