Visiting Japan – What to Know

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The Best Guide on Visiting Japan

Japan will make an excellent choice for any Nigerian who would want to migrate for any reason. Visiting Japan could come as hunger or just because of some really serious business issue.

In this article, I will not be telling you of how beautiful or sexy Japan is. But I will be telling you the important things you need to know as you will be visiting Japan.

At this moment, something in you is murmuring like, “could we at least have a small overview of Japan?” Okay! Okay! We definitely will. Japan is an Island country in the east of Asia. It will interest you to know that the Japanese way of pronouncing Japan is Nihon or Nippon meaning “The Origin of the Sun.” Japan can be equally said and is regarded as “Land of the Rising Sun.” Japan is referred to as Land of the Rising Sun because it situates very close to where the sun rises.


Why You Should Visit japan

  • Japan is the definition of a modern world
  • It is a very peaceful place to be in. No form of terrorist attack as in other places of the world
  • Want to see beautiful temples and shrines? Then you must be in Japan
  • They have one of the most amazing food in the world
  • The cities in Japan are super clean at all time
  • Care for a cherry blossom experience?
  • A nature-blessed environment
  • Very friendly and fun peeps is what you should expect in Japan


Delicacies You Shouldn’t Miss out on While Visiting Japan


You might find Sushi in any other countries of the world but Japan is the birthplace of Sushi. Shushi is an exceptional Japan dish prepared with vinegared rice. It is accompanied by various other ingredients like: vegetables, seafood, and fruits. It can be spiced with sugar and salt. You really would want to try this out in Japan!


1. Tempura

Most of us love fried meals a lot! Tempura dish comprise vegetables and seafood fully battered. We also have Kakiage, a type of Tempura dish. It is made with mixed vegetable stripes such as onions, carrot, burdock, all deep fried as small round fritters.


2. Udon

Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle usually served hot and as a noodle. If you are thinking of the indomie noodle in Nigeria, then you are wrong!


3. Miso Soup

This comes under the Japanese soup category. It is prepared with a stock called dashi and mixed with miso paste. Miso is essentially rich with minerals and contains a good amount of Vitamins.


4. Yakitori

Ever tasted a skewed chicken? If you haven’t, then Yakitori should be the first thing you do when you get to Japan. Its preparation involves skewing the chicken meat with kushi, a skewer made of steel. I see people post this online at all time and it makes me wonder why. Then I decided to give this one a try and man! I feel like I am eating it now again.


5. Sashimi

Many Nigerians will detest Sashimi because it is somehow served raw but it is what you need to stay healthy. But is it really served raw? Well, I am afraid, yes but you really do not need to bother. It is always frozen to kill the parasites. For the question of safety, Sashimi is very safe to it as long as it has been properly frozen.


Your Safety While Visiting Japan

First thing that comes to the mind of a traveler is whether the anticipated location is safe or not. Well, I would not just conclude like every other site or blog who will tell you that Japan is super safe. As long as Japan is part of the countries in planet earth, you do not expect it to be heaven. The safety of Japan depends on you one would parade himself about and the kind of places you go to because some areas are dangerous.

In terms of security, the Japanese authority have standard and able security men who make your safety a priority especially as a visitor from another country.


Best Months to Visit Japan

It is advisable to visit Japan during the late spring months, i.e. between March to May and also in the late autumn, September to November. Basically the ember months.

During this periods, the skies are almost always clear with a very little or no rainfall at all.


The Cherry Blossom

Ever heard of the cherry blossom? If you haven’t, you really must find out.

On Japan’s southern, subtropical islands of Okinawa, cherry blossoms open as early as January, while on the northern island of Hokkaido, they bloom as late as May. In most major cities in between, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, the cherry blossom season typically takes place in early April. This info is credited to this link.

The cherry blossom is one of the dazzling blessing that nature showered on Japan. Check this out, every country has what makes it unique and you see, this one beauty makes Japan unique.


Japan Travel Plan

To travel to Japan, you will need a Visa of any category and this guide will be made in our subsequent posts. You can always learn more on Japan visit. This link does link to any of our post but will only introduce you to the Japanese visa world.

Emphatically, visiting Japan would not be as easy as. Japan is one of the world’s most expensive place to visit and you would want to store or ensure that there is quite a number of cash available for you.

Visiting Japan

Free Accommodation Visiting Japan

It is reported that the cost of living in Japan is very high especially for visitors. Imagine leaving Nigeria for a country such as Japan without much cash on you. Okay, do not imagine again, because you will eventually run back home. The moment you exchange your Nigerian currency to Japanese currency, you will understand that life is hard but, there are actually ways you could free yourself from these thoughts.

This post will take them one after the other!


Trust me, as a visitor, finding a shade for your body will not be a problem, the problem is the amount of money you will lose to accommodate yourself somewhere.

It might be easy for those who already have relatives or own a houses or houses there but difficult for a total stranger. What prompts your visit to Japan could be the case of tourism, business reason, study and so on. But whichever way or whatever the reason or reasons might be, you would surely need some place to rest your body and your soul.

There are actually ways to turn this difficulty to nothing, how? The secret is that hotels in Japan lets you stay for free! Yes, free! But… You will do them a favour. Not too big a favour though. All they need from you is for you to clean up the residence few hours daily. See, do not dare to see this as nothing. It is a chance for you to save up notwithstanding your background.

For this case, I am quite aware of hostels in Tokyo. Yes, Tokyo, forget that the city is big one, it accommodates individuals who intend to cut cost too.


Another Free Accommodation Mode Visiting Japan

Another way you could stay in Japan for free is by camping. You could be asked to pay depending on the location but for the purpose of this post, we will be giving you an info on how to camp for free! Actually, I really did not see this as a possibility but now, it is an obvious deed in Japan. It might sound funny but, you need it in emergency situations. If you intend to camp for free, you may consider taking permissions from farm owners. Yes, this works. Surprisingly, the number of persons we tried out to see if actually we would be granted was amazing!

In need of an urgent guide for any form of visa to Japan? Use the comment section and you will be served quickly.

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